Framebook has its roots in printing and print machine manufacture. Using our design, manufacture and traditional printing experience and knowledge we have created a range of useful products. Using magnetic technology we have created a unique framing system that makes framing and cheanging your photographs or images very simple. In addition we have supported the classic car industry for many years and we provide the service of printing classic car wiring diagrams that are printed on magnetic material.

Product Range

Framebook has been designing its own products for over 25 years. We constantly strive to be understand and utilise new technology in all our products and use our experience and skills gained over the years in printing and machine design to offer practical solutions.

SimpliSmart Frames

Framebook has developed a framing system that offers unique front loading and securing with magnetic technology. This makes framing easy and encourages a wider choice of materials. You can change the look of the frame without changing the basic frame. This means you can change your images easily and quickly and with our wide range of frame leaves and matts, match your image colouring.


Classic Car Wiring Diagrams

Framebook have been classic car enthusiast for many years. Many of our own classic car were used for wedding chauffeur service in the past 10 years. Utilising our printing and graphic design knowledge and skills we identified the need for clear concise colour wiring diagrams and set-out to recreate many of the popular British classic car wiring diagrams, uniquely printed on magnetic materials to stick to your bonnet.


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